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Choosing the Right Bulb for Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan table lamp

Choosing the Right Bulb for Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan table lamp

Moroccan table lamp

With your Moroccan lamp, choose a warm white bulb  (2700-3000 K) rather than a bright white bulb. It will fill your home with warmth and gentleness that will complement your Moroccan lamp nicely.


Choose the Right Bulb for your Moroccan Lamps 


In order to achieve the ideal aesthetic, the lightbulb you use in your Moroccan-style lamp makes a huge difference. So what is the correct method to accessorize? Moroccan lamps are efficient light fixtures that provide a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that warms the heart. Whereas in industrial design lighting, the bulb plays a big role and is usually covered in Moroccan-style, chandeliers, the bulb is hidden behind lattice, pinholes, or colorful glass.

And just because your Moroccan lamp will create a nice mood doesn’t mean you can’t have a light that is both vivid and functional at the very same time. It’s always about the light source. The idea is to use a bulb that provides enough brightness (kilowatts) while also still showing out the warmth and exquisite shadows that Moroccan lamps are known for.


To help you more We suggest the following bulbs:


For a very warm but soft light, LED A19 Light Bulb, Soft White Light with Warm Glow, 800 Lumen, 2700K, 10W (60 Watt Equivalent), E26 Medium Screw Base, UL Listed


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For a warm but bright bulb, try the Silver Mirrored Bowl bulb   1,540 lumens (100-watt equivalent)/2700K. Available at

For a warm but bright bulb, try T10 LED 1,200 lumens (80-watt equivalent)/2700K.  Available at

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