You should carefully read the following terms as they constitute a contract which defines the general terms and conditions of the products and services of the online store. The “click” that you will execute after completing your order form constitutes the validation of your order and will constitute an irrevocable acceptance of these general terms and conditions. Therefore, you can only order products or services if you agree to the terms set out below.

ARTICLE 1: Scope

The following general terms and conditions of sale govern all transactions made on the website. Any order placed on this site implies unconditional acceptance and
irrevocable of these conditions by the customer. The parties concerned by the general conditions of sale are (i) the user of website, hereinafter referred to as “the customer”, whether it is a company or an individual and following having read and expressly accepted the current general conditions of sale in their entirety; and ii) Berber Swiss Ltd., a limited liability company located in London, United Kingdom, has signed “THE COMPANY” opposite.

The COMPANY reserves the right to modify the present General Conditions of Sale contract at any time by posting the new version on its website “www. “. The site “ ”is the property of the COMPANY in its entirety, as well as all related rights. Any complete or partial reproduction is systematically subject to the prior written authorization of the management of the COMPANY. Hypertext type links to the site are authorized without specific requests.


These general conditions of sale aim to define the conditions under which the COMPANY offers and sells its products to the Customer. The purpose of this contract is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the sale of the COMPANY’s products, on the Internet through the various payment methods offered and mainly through the platform [ e-commerce].
The e-commerce platform is a transaction management service and a brand created by Paypal and Stripe.
These general conditions of sale prevail over any other condition contained in any other document, unless there is a preliminary written exemption.

ARTICLE 3: Acceptance of conditions

The customer acknowledges having read and understood, at the time of the order, these General Conditions of Sale and the
expressly accepts without reservation. These General Conditions of Sale govern the relations
contractual between the COMPANY and its client, both parties accepting them without reservation.

ARTICLE 4: Products

The COMPANY makes available to the Customer on its website “” all the products marketed, taking care to provide information as detailed and precise as possible. All the information relating to the products appearing on site (photos, description and indications, texts or graphics, instructions for use, compositions, etc.) are only indicative and do not form part of the contract.
The customer acknowledges that he has chosen the products that he purchases on the website “” under his sole responsibility and waives any claim concerning the achievement of any type of objective (s) that the customer may wish to achieve. ‘be fixed itself, according to the use it wishes to make of the products. If there is a need for advice or if there is any doubt as to the compatibility of a product (with regard to its skin type, for example), the Customer may seek advice from the COMPANY by emailing its customer service during the working hours. ‘opening indicated
on the website.

ARTICLE 5: Order

Automatic registration systems are considered proof of the nature, content and date of the prescription. When ordering, the Customer agrees to provide the required information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and accepts their processing by THE COMPANY.

As soon as the Customer has validated his order, he / she is deemed to have accepted with full knowledge of the facts and without prejudice to the prices, volumes and quantities offered, as well as the COMPANY’s data collection procedure.

The COMPANY confirms the acceptance of his order by the Customer by sending a confirmation message to the e-mail address he provided. The sale will not be concluded until the order confirmation mentioned above has been sent.
The majority of the products offered by THE COMPANY to its customers are immediately available. It may happen, for some products offered by the COMPANY, that the stock is exhausted that the production is based on the fresh harvest of aberberswiss nuts and the production of quality oil by hand. In such cases, LA SO

CIÉTÉ may offer the customer, by email, a replacement product with similar characteristics. The Customer will therefore have in this case, either the possibility of canceling his order and requesting reimbursement of the sums paid within thirty days at the latest of their payment, or the exchange of the product. The unavailability of a product ordered by the Customer cannot give rise to any compensation.

The site reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order from the Customer, in particular in the event of the insolvency of the customer, or in the event of non-payment of the order concerned or of a previous delivery or a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order. The COMPANY reserves the right, as part of secure order processing procedures, to refuse confirmation of an order that does not meet its security criteria. The information indicated by the Customer, when entering the information contained in the Order, is binding on him. The site cannot be held responsible for errors made by the Customer in the name and address of the recipient of the Order (delivery address, billing address in particular) or for delays in delivery or the inability to deliver the ordered products that these errors could cause.
In addition, the COMPANY will not be responsible for any failures or delays in post or delivery services, whether caused by pandemic restrictions, customs inspections or otherwise.

ARTICLE 6: Delivery

After confirmation of the order by the COMPANY, the COMPANY undertakes to prepare and organize the delivery to the Customer of Products ordered at the delivery address provided. The COMPANY will choose the carrier, among those offered by THE COMPANY, through which the COMPANY will place the Order. Delivery dates are given for information purposes only and do not constitute a performance obligation for THE COMPANY. No delay of less than 15 working days will result in the cancellation of an order. Possible delays in delivery due to the carrier or the COMPANY do not give the customer the right to claim damages.
The delivery of the ordered Products is ensured by the carrier. Depending on the Customer’s address, this is done either at the address provided by the Customer, or by placing the Order at a designated collection point at the time of order confirmation. These terms and conditions are specified in the order confirmation email.
Any impossibility of delivery due to the absence of the Customer at the time agreed for delivery
or failure to recover the goods within the agreed timeframe may give rise to the obligation on the Customer
to pay additional costs, corresponding to a new delivery of the Product initially
order. Upon receipt of the Products, the Customer must verify that the delivery conforms to his order.
(Products and quantities ordered) and that the Products have not suffered any damage during transport
before signing the delivery slip. In the event that a Product has suffered damage affecting its
essential characteristics, the Customer must refuse to accept it and to inform the COMPANY within 24
hours following said receipt. Otherwise, the delivered products will be considered as having been received in
good condition.
In the event of a lost package during transport, the investigation time for the lost package varies depending on the
carrier. THE COMPANY will inform the client as soon as possible of the results of the investigation. It’s about a
specific condition of the contract that the COMPANY will never be required, under any circumstances, to accept a
return of goods.
Any order which remains in default with the carrier must be acknowledged receipt of this one for some
reason whatsoever is the responsibility of Customer and, therefore, all costs incurred by this
suffering including transport are at the expense of Customer. For reasons of product availability

ordered, an order may be the subject of several successive deliveries to the Customer at its expense.
In the event that the Customer wishes the Products ordered to be delivered to two separate addresses, the Customer
must place 2 separate orders.

ARTICLE 7: Price

On the site “ “, the prices are expressed according to the choice of the Customer in the currency
The prices of products and services are expressed in the specified currency (VAT included). The price indicated on the
Product sheets do not include transport costs, which will be identified at the point of sale. The sale price
of a product can be modified at any time on the site Offers
promotions are only valid within the limits of available stocks, and attributed to offers, under
reservation of the fulfillment of the conditions